Why travel with Intrepid Travel?

It’s simple: ultimate itineraries, perfectly sized groups, legendary local leaders, more destinations and ways to see the world, and travel that makes a positive difference.

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Explore Antarctica with Intrepid Travel

Early explorers didn’t have the luxury of booking their expeditions with a travel advisor.

These days it’s a bit easier: we run a variety of Antarctica tours between November and March each year, cruising in comfort on well-equipped polar vessels, offering three course meals, onboard ammenities, and expert leaders. But don’t be fooled: as adventures go, this is the big one. You’ll cross the infamous Drake Passage and set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, explore ice-dotted bays by zodiac and get up close with gentoo penguins and migrating blue whales. Because you're travelling with Intrepid Travel, you'll experience this incredible part of the world in a way that builds human connection, supports local communities, and respects the environment. 'Antarctic tours' doesn't really do it justice. These are Antarctic adventures.

Your North America Adventure Awaits. Right here, right now.

1500 miles of adventure, whether you’re hiking, biking(e-bike available) or experiencing the cuisine and culture, your North America adventure awaits. Right here, right now. Browse over 75 trips from Coast to Coast and explore the peaks and valley of Canada and the USA and everything it offers.

Deep Dive into Europe

This summer, meet the people behind the places. And hear the stories behind the sights. Let our local leaders show you Europe’s hard-to-find spots and bring you hard-to-forget experiences. From sharing a meal with locals on Croatia’s little-known Kornati Islands, to meeting the people who harvest salt from Malta’s Xwejni Salt Pans, or hiking across the volcanic earth on the island of Pico on the Azores. There’s travel that skims the surface. Then there’s travel that goes deep.

$99 Deposits on Intrepid Travel Domestic Trips

Explore your own backyard – the Intrepid way. Explore the Florida Keys or the Rocky Mounatains, Hike Alaksa, Cycle California Wine Country, or experience a Zion Ranch with the family. Experience all the little moments that make travel special – no matter whether you’re two hours or two days from home. When you book one of our new local experiences, you’ll pay nothing more than a $99 deposit*, until 28 days before you depart.

Experience Japan

Ancient, adaptive and advanced, with a culture influenced by both ancient philosophy and modern enterprise, Japan offers a heightened version of the familiar (vending machines that serve cold beer, robot-staffed hotels) and a singular culture that captivates travellers. Learn from soba noodle masters in Tokyo, hike through the foothills of Mt Fuji, meditate with Buddhist monks in Koya San and sing karaoke ‘til the wee hours in Osaka. In Japan pretty much everything – from a slice of succulent sashimi to a soak in a steaming onsen – is done with style and originality.

Introducing a NEW Style of Adventure Travel: Intrepid Premium

Higher-end sustainable travel ...
Our Premium style of travel is designed for the Intrepid traveller who’s looking for adventure travel with a higher standard of service. With well-crafted itineraries that include all the destination highlights (plus some unexpected surprises), Intrepid Premium is the sustainable choice for premium, locally led adventures. Premium travel is all about exceptional experiences, a higher service level and excellent value. We use private or first-class local transport, have perfectly paced itineraries and stay in handpicked accommodation.

Responsible Travel

As the world's largest travel BCorp, we want to be the best travel company for the world, not just in the world.
Since our very first days as a tour operator, responsible business has been at the heart of what we do. Intrepid is committed not just to treading lightly, but to making a real difference – by investing in local communities, human rights initiatives, wildlife conservation projects and the environment. We’re all about operating in a responsible manner and incorporating principles of sustainable tourism and development into the way we provide our travellers with real life experiences.